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»Fulbright Scholarship USA Program- source: Somek Taiwa.
Kenya Equity Bank’s “Wings To Fly Scholarships”.


»Dispatch Assistant at Libya Oil Kenya Limited.
»LPG Assistant at Libya Oil Kenya Limited.
»Weighbridge Assistant at Libya Oil Kenya Limited.


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»"All the Men have gone": War Crimes in Mt. Elgon-Kenya.
»Mt. Elgon Violence: May 2008.
Mt. Elgon Development Plan.
Mt. Elgon Land Tenure and Management.
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»Dormitories of two Schools in Mt. Elgon-Kenya destroyed by  fire.
Faith Ndiwa [La Bonte LTD CEO] Launches the "Dial-A-CD" program.
»Mt Elgon Constituency, where voters defied party euphoria
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Elections: Kapondi Defeated as Serut makes a comeback. 
Sabaots rejoice as ‘Mt Elgon dream’ finally comes true.
Elder Eliud Wandiema Succumbs to Illness at Eldoret Memorial Hospital-Kenya
Elgon-kenya: Jilted Wife Sets Shop Ablaze
Mt. Elgon Kenya: Row as 40 families miss out on IDP land. 
Elections-Kenya: NARC-Kenya’s Karua and Augustine Chemonges campaign in Mt. Elgon
Elections-Kenya: Bruising Battle of Titans amongst Mt. Elgon former MP's
»Pierson escapes Roll-over auto accident while Lazarus recovering from fractured leg. 
KCPE: Sabaot-Girl number one in Bungoma/Kalenjin counties and 7th nationally. 
»Kapondi wins URP nominations, rival cries foul.
Kenya AG opposes Mt. Elgon Saboat case application for review of its Judgment
»Mt. Elgon Coffee farmers set to reap big from Norway market. By Daniel Psirmoi. 
Samson Bein Kimobwa a Kenyan World athletic legend succumbs to sudden illness. By Esly Kania (Minnesota,USA)
Chebyuk IDP's to be resettled before polls
SIDO RadioNet is now streaming Sabaot Music and News 24/7...tune in!!.Posted 18th November 2012.
»Our God is aware, able and available. By Dr. D.C Chemorion.
Listen to online Quaran. 

Who are the Sabaots?

The Sabaots tribe is one of the nine sub-tribes of the Kenyan Kalenjin tribe. The other eight Kalenjin sub-tribes are: Sengwer, Tugen, Terik, Keiyo, Kipsigis, Pokot, Marakwet and Nandi who live in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya. The Sabaots are the authentic Kalenjin tribe and hence they are commonly referred as "Kapkugo" by the other Kalenjin sub-tribes. The Sabaot community is comprised of six sub-dialects namely: 1.Bookok (Book), 2. Somek, 3. Mosopishok (Mosop), 4. Konjak (Kony), 5. Bong'omek (Bungoma), and 6. Sabinjak (Sebei) here to read more.

     Video about the Sabaots  

Pick seed firm boss from Mt Elgon, Bett told

Two leaders from Mt Elgon constituency have urged Agriculture CS Willy Bett to appoint someone from the Sabaot community as the next Kenya Seed Company here to read entire artice.

Rev. Mairori Urges Clerics to Preach against corruption.
Posted 29th April 2016. By Arap Yego

Kitale, Kenya: Church leaders across the country have been asked to preach against corruption and political intolerance.

Rev Dr. Stephen Mairori, the Executive Director of the International Christian Ministries (ICM) said the two emerging vices are a threat to the nation and should be condemned by the clergymen and women.

Speaking Saturday during a graduation ceremony at the African Theological Seminary in Kitale, Reverend Mairori said the fact that most Kenyans are Christians provides a good opportunity for clerics to wage a war against graft and political intolerance.

"About 80 percent of Kenyans are Christians. I challenge church leaders to preach to their congregations to shun corruption and issues like hate-speech," he said.

"If we all take to the pulpit and condemn these acts, the country will be a much better place to live. The Chaos and violence we have witnessed especially during election time will be a  thing of the past," he added. 

Rev Mairori who was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Ministry by US based Georgia Christian University at the function, challenged the men of cloth to prevail upon politicians who are also part of their flock to avoid political intolerance.

"Currently there is too much political intolerance in the country which is risky as we head to the 2017 general election. Our leaders should take it slow. They should check the language they are using against each other," he said at the ceremony where 35 students graduated.

The former students graduated with Bachelor's Degree, Diploma and certificates in various disciplines including Theology, Leadership and Counseling.

Each of the graduates received a brand new motorcycle donated by ICM and international partners which will assist them in movement as they spread the gospel.

Source: Click here.

Uganda-Kapchorwa: Government Will Resettle the Landless in Sebei

 By Ruhakana Rugunda. Posted 14th February 2016. [NEW]

For many years, the question of landless people in Sebei sub-region has been unresolved, but now, government has come out with practical steps to solve it once and for all.The problem of landless Benet community in Sebei Sub-region stems from the gazettement of Mt Elgon Forest Reserve in 1938 by the colonial government. Between 1938 and 1983, the Benet were allowed to continue living all over the forest reserve, however, their population and activities increased over the period of time affecting the forest read more Click here.

Author: Dr Rugunda is the Prime Minister of Uganda

Mt. Elgon-Kenya: Weather stations to put money in Bungoma farmers’ Pockets. 

By STANLEY KIMUGE. Posted: 13th January 2016.

Bungoma has invested in weather stations, chicken abattoir and milk, as well as coffee processing plants. Stanley Kimuge had a chat with Governor Ken Lusaka on how these projects will change farmers’ fortunes.

Your government recently set up several weather stations. What change do they herald?

Most farmers incur losses due to poor timing; farming is all about the weather. If there is reliable data from the county, we will be able to advice farmers on when to plant, and thus, they would have a better timing.

The weather substations are at Sirisia, Tongeran, Bumula and Kapsokwony. The main station is in Bungoma town.

Sugarcane is grown here but farmers are a disgruntled lot. Now, there are plans to privatise the sugar factories, what is your take?

As governors in the sugar producing counties, we have said that before the privatisation begins, some issues should be resolved, like what is the farmers’ stake and are farmers ready to buy shares? But to our surprise, privatisation has begun.

Our proposal was for county governments to buy shares on behalf of farmers and hold in trust until when they are ready to buy.

If this privatisation is not handled properly, it is going to hurt farmers more. Farmers also want diversification. Currently, Nzoia Sugar Company produces sugar and molasses only. But cane can produce up to 18 different by-products like water, alcohol and power.

How has devolution changed farmers’ fortunes?

When I came into office, I started the input-support project where farmers were offered subsidised fertiliser and seeds. In the first year, we gave free seeds and fertiliser to 200 needy families per ward and sold to others the produce at Sh1,800 instead of Sh2,400.

This has been ongoing. From the reports we are getting maize production has improved from seven bags per acre to 15 bags per acre through the project.

We have also bought 15 motorcycles for every ward to improve extension services.

Kitinda milk processing plant put smiles on the faces of many dairy farmers years back.

Then the factory collapsed. What is the progress of its revival?

The plant is working though not to its optimum. We have held discussions with the national government, and they have assured us that they will set aside funds to support us relocate it because the facilities are dilapidated.

As we revive the plant, we are also expanding milk production. We have started by buying 150 pedigree cows and offering them to farmers to better the breeds they keep. Another 250 cows will be bought.

However, we just don’t want to have enough milk but add value by making cheese and yoghurt.

In the same vein, bananas, cotton, coffee and tomatoes are grown abundantly in the area, any plans for value addition?

Certainly, we want to process most of our produce. There is a CDF office in Kimilili which we are converting into a tomato plant by installing equipment to process the produce.

We are also setting up a maize milling plant at Tongaren to cushion farmers from exploitation.

We have assisted the Mount Elgon and Bungoma Co-operative Unions to purchase the coffee milling equipment at cost of Sh16 million.

You recently announced you are distributing chickens to families. What is that all about?

It is true we are distributing 10,000 chickens to farmers so that we can have enough birds to slaughter once the Chwele slaughterhouse is completed.

The plant will process up to 3,000 chickens in a day, a number we cannot get if we do not increase production.
Source: Click here.

Kenya: Mt Elgon politicians sign peace bargain                     By John Nalianya. Posted 9th December 2015.

The pact, signed at Kabula Pastoral Centre on Saturday was prepared under the guidance of the Bungoma county commissioner Mohamed Maalim and the United Nations Development Programme.

During the meeting it was agreed MP John Serut and his predecessor Fred Kapondi set aside their differences and work together for the good of the community.

It was also noted that leaders still incite their followers, which causes unrest among residents.

A few cases of incitement and hate speech were mentioned.

Serut, who is a member of the Parliament Agriculture Committee, was alleged to be a threat to the peace in Mt Elgon, especially because he refused to sign the resolutions earlier.

The MP later signed.

Source: Click here

Mudslide kills four in Cheptais
after El Nino rains
. Posted on11th November, 2015.

     Four people died in mudslides following El Nino rains in Mt Elgon constituency, Bungoma county, on Monday night. An officer identified the victims as Chesiyo Primary School student Temko Masai, 15, Isaac Makona, 23, Dan Mogoit and 40 year-old Jacob Wafula.

Cheptais OCPD Ezekiel Kiche regretted the separate incidents in Sasuri and Changeywo areas, on the slopes of Mt Elgon.

He told the Star on phone on Tuesday that residents had been asked to vacate areas prone to mudslides.

Masai was on an errand when the rains began, while the other victims' houses were swept away as they slept. said County Red Cross coordinator Hesbon Wekola.

KRCS officials had difficulties accessing the areas as roads were rendered impassable but have retrieved three bodies so far.

County disaster management boss Julius Bakasa, who accompanied the KRCS officials to the scenes, urged residents to leave the area.

At least 50 families have been displaced, Bakasa noted, adding those on lower ground were more at risk because of falling debris.

“We have already made plans on accommodating vulnerable families in safer places such as schools. We are calling upon residents to comply,” he said.

He said a county team was liaising with the National Disaster Management Authority to help victims. (Source: Star Newspaper- Kenya)
SNN PRESS RELEASE-11 Nov 2015: SIDO News Network (SNN) and BK Radio at Kapsokwony-Mt.Elgon, extends condolences to the bereaved families as a result of the ongoing el nino rain terror. We urge those in this forum to alert their friends and relatives living in areas prone to mudslides and flooding. Let us take extra precautions to ensure own personal safety and those around us. BK Radio shall continue to broadcast weather alert updates and relay warnings to our people living in areas considered high risk in Collaboration with local security agencies and Kenya Red Cross team in Mt. Elgon. Let us not forget to also seek divine intervention to help combat this menace. May God's protection be upon all. 

Posted on 22nd October, 2015. Author: Edgar R. Batte
Our own Peter Kamalingin from Kapchorwa in Mt. Elgon, Uganda and the current Country Director of Oxfam in Uganda-Africa is one of those people who counts his blessings naming them one by one. He started his career journey in 1988 as a trainee and cannot believe how eventful the last 27 years have been. From working in war-torn countries to heading one of the leading multinational organizations, he has lived through it and managed with ease. This is his story:

Change of the tide: It was at SWIPCO that an advert by Action Aid International was carried in local press, inviting applications for a field development coordinator. This was his first job s in his home district of Kapchorwa. He applied for the job and worked there for a year before being promoted to the position of manager. When an opportunity for regional programme officer for eastern Uganda presented itself, he took it up and relocated to Mbale. He was coordinating the areas from Jinja to Karamoja and his work involved building networks around food rights and supporting local partner organisations. In 2004, there was an opening at the country office for a secondment to support organisational change process and he was taken on. While there, he decided to enroll for a master’s programme. “I knew very well that if I needed to go to the next level, I had to deepen my skills. I needed to pursue a masters and I got an opportunity through an Austrian scholarship, to do a masters in conflict and peace studies,” he recollects. He was admitted at the European Peace University, in southern Austria. He says there were 31 students in the class from 29 different read entire article click here and watch/listen to Peter Kamalingin's eloquent presentation below.......

Mt. Elgon-Kenya: Appeal for funds to offset Mrs Masis Treatment Expenses. [NEW]                                                                                       
By SIDO News Network Team. Posted 19th October, 2015.

Update: We are requesting for donations from all well wishers to help raise Kshs. 5Million which is inclusive of all expenses for Mrs Jennifer Chepkemoi Masis to undergo treatment. She is battling pancreatic tumour and is hospitalized in india (Indraprastha Hospital) as per our earlier communique.
The fundraiser will be held on Saturday October 24th 2015 in Kwanza Subcounty, Endebes headquarters in Trans Nzoia County.
The Harambee will be presided over by Kenyan DP William Ruto assisted by governors from North Rift region and other political/community leaders. Please for those who will not be able to attend the fundraising, send your donations to the account stated below. For more information about the fundraising call John Meng'wa Tel # 0714831892. God bless you immensely for your generous contributions.

27th Sep 2015: We would like to inform you all that our senior Sabaot woman politician has been unwell for the last one month. She started feeling unwell a month ago while visiting her daughter in Britain en route from USA. This prompted her to seek medical treatment at Nairobi hospital and the doctors recommended that she goes to India for further treatment. She will be travelling to India on Sunday September 27th, 2015 accompanied by his son Levin. Treatment in India is schedule to commence on Monday September 28th, 2015. We urge you all to pray for Mrs. Masis’ treatment and recovery. We are also appealing for your financial contribution to offset a huge medical bill already incurred during initial treatment in Nairobi hospital (Kshs.1.4Million) including anticipated bill after treatment in India (Approximately Kshs. 4.0 Million). You can send your contributions to:

A/C 0330165044221

Also the Sabaots and friends in Nairobi led by Dr. Nathan Psiwa and Vincent Sambrir are organizing for a funds-drive scheduled to be held on October 10th, 2015. More details of the funds-drive will be communicated later, meanwhile let us send our contributions to the aforementioned account.

To get updates of Mrs Masis ongoing treatment you can get in touch with his son- Levin Kimtai Masis Tel # +.

SIDO News Network and BK Radio joins hands with family and friends in wishing Mrs Masis a successful treatment and quick recovery.

We will continue to keep you updated of her diagnosis and prognosis.

By BCPF. Posted on October 2nd, 2015.
The Birth of Bungoma County Progressive Forum (BCPF): The Sabaot community is represented by Peter Bhoyo and Leonard Moss in this development focused forum. It all started when Professionals from Bungoma living in Nairobi begun conversation in the month of February 2012. The conveners were Ben Wabule, Eliphaz Wesangula, Richard W. Sitati and Abiud S. Wasike. The interim committee’s first task was to define the purpose through the objectives of the constitution and to reach out to others. Several meetings were held from then and in July 2013, the BCPF was registered. The interim executive committee comprised of the following members:
  • Abiud Simiyu Wasike     -Chairman
  • Peter Bhoyo                    -Vice Chairman
  • George Simiyu                -Secretary
  • Richard Sitati                  -Asst. Secretary
  • Leonard Moss                 -Treasurer
  • Eliphaz Wesangula         -Organizing Secretary
  • Ben Wabule                    -Legal Advisor
  • Joyce Musoko                 -Member
This team has been responsible for moving the cause of BCPF forward. The purpose of this forum comprises of the vision and mission. The vision is the purpose to become while the mission is what we do to become.
VISION: A prosperous Bungoma County in the 21st Century in harmony with itself and its neighbours.
MISSION: To harness human and material resources from within and without Kenya in support of the county government in its quest to improve the quality of life of the people.

What BCPF Exists To Do: 
  • Collaboration with the county government as consultants/volunteers on a mutually agreed basis.
  • Mobilizing and harnessing diverse professional skills to avail a utility human resource think-tank for Bungoma County.
  • Promoting innovation, entrepreneurship and investment through public-private partnerships. 
  • Promoting unity of purpose among the diverse communities, brotherhood and good neighbourliness.
  • To promote professionalism, standards, meritocracy, good ethos in the county as well as training, mentoring of young and upcoming professionals.
  • To promote citizen participation, good governance and transparency.
  • Networking with national and international institutions to boost the resource base.
  • To promote and preserve the values and progressive culture of the people.
Swot Indicators and Trends of Bungoma County:
  • High potential agricultural land – 253,000Ha
  • Third highest county population – 1.6m
  • Gazetted forest area (Mt. Elgon) – 618.2km2
  • Fresh water available (m3) – 40,500 [plus River Nzoia]
  • Trans-Africa transport corridor – Rail, Road, Fibre-optic, Power
  • Located at the centre of the E.A.C. to Rwanda,  the DRC and Sudan
  • Established county government
  • Annual revenue of Ksh 10 billion
  • Supportive 2030 national vision plan and UN MDGs.
  • National government segment at county level.
  • Low investment in infrastructure for social services such as education, health, water, agriculture, energy, roads, housing
  • Subsistence and rain-fed agricultural practices including livestock – low production, food insecurity, poor land use – nonviable agricultural supply chain including markets. Food poverty 42%
  • High population growth rate at 3.1% which manifests in a poverty index of of 52% (45.9% nationally)
  • Deforestation and consequential soil erosion degrades soil fertility and impacts climate change
  • Impact of HIV and AIDS/ Rural-Urban Migration one family stability – increased vulnerability
  • Gender inequality and traditional customary practices
  • Shortage of skilled manpower due to brain drain that manifests as lack of entrepreneurial capacity
  • Political wrangles
  • Growing national and international food deficits
  • Access to external markets through Eldoret and Kisumu airports
  • Venture capital for entrepreneurs – Global Entrepreneurship Fund, AGOA, Value Addition
  • Technology-based farming including irrigation, greenhouse, zero-grazing, fish-ponds, rabbit and chicken – private sector partnerships
  • Green energy investors
  • Micro-financing and chama systems 
  • Bungoma professionals in the Diaspora – BCPC
  • Leverage ICT for the extension, marketing, mobilization, training
  • Proximity to EAC markets in Uganda, Rwanda, the DRC, Sudan
  • Superior inputs and crop varieties
  • Emergence of transitional diseases and pests such as Maize Lethal Necrosis Disease (MLND)
  • Competition from free trade zones – COMESA especially sugar and neighbouring countries, counterfeits
  • Trade barriers due to the changing political climate of the EU, US and forex variations
  • Climate change – unreliable rainfall patterns
Mt. Elgon, Cheptais-Kenya: Former Sabaot Veteran DC Jestmore Maghas Succumbs to illness.
By SIDO News Editorial Team. Posted 14th September, 2015.
We deeply regret to announce the death of the second Sabaot District Commissioner, former DC Jestmore Bera Maghas of Cheptais-Mount Elgon which occurred on 11th September at Mediheal Hospital Eldoret. Daily meetings for funeral and burial arrangements are being held every day starting 5pm at Eldoret's Wagon Hotel and concurrently at Nairobi's garden Square Restaurant. You help offset medial bill and funeral expenses sending your contribution using M-Pesa through this number 0721300489 or get in touch with Chapman at 0727935853 for Nairobi meeting and fundraising. Additional information regarding funeral arrangement will be communicated later. Our sincere condolences from SIDO NEWS NETWORK and BK Radio to friends and family of Kap-Maghas.
Mt. Elgon, Trans-Nzoia-Kenya: I’M COMMITTED TO FIGHTING GRAFT, SAYS GOVERNOR KHAEMBA. Posted 14th September, 2015              
Trans Nzoia governor Patrick Khaemba has reiterated his administration’s commitment in fighting corruption in the county......... “In Trans Nzoia we are blessed with very good soils in which we can grow tea and we shall look for ways of subsidizing tea and coffee seedlings as well as fertilizer. El nino is coming at a time when we are just about to harvest our maize and there is a risk of maize rotting but those who have grown fodder, tea and coffee will be very happy for there will be plenty of farm yield,” said the read more click here.
Mt. Elgon, Bungoma-Kenya: It is really Unemployment that is Killing Bungoma's young people.
By Bitange Ndemo. 
Posted 14th September, 2015               
It was difficult to watch NTV's prime time news on Sunday, September 6, 2015. There was a heart-wrenching item about how young people in Bungoma are literally killing themselves with disappointment. Many have died under mysterious circumstances in deaths linked to the boda boda sector in the read more click here.

Trans-Nzoia's Sabaot Political Iron-Lady Makes a Strategic Move

Published 4th September, 2015.
Women rights activist and a Sabaot Political iron-lady in Trans-Nzoia county, Jennifer Masis has decamped Ford Kenya for the newly formed Jubilee Alliance Party(JAP).

Speaking in her office in Kitale, Masis said she decamped Ford Kenya after realizing that the party was not committed to change and further accused its leadership of having no vision for the future.

Masis also announced that she will run for the Trans Nzoia Women Representative seat in 2017 election on the JAP ticket.

She said there should be increased women representation at all decision making levels in government and private entities. she also said that empowering women in all sectors leads to positive growth of any nation.

She further urged all leaders to embrace the gender rule and work towards improving the welfare of all women regardless of race, education, or religious background.

Masis unsuccessfully vied for the Endebess parliamentary seat in 2013.

                                                                                                     Source: Click here.

Mammoth Crowds at BK 98.2FM's Radio Road Show.
BK Radio Editorial Team. Posted 30th August 2015.
We humbly extend our sincere appreciation and gratitude for all those who made BK98.2FM's Radio road show, BK Fans' Day and BK night at Kapsokwony a trio success. Regarding the road show, we give thanks to the following partners and persons who made the event a success, namely: Mr. Matechko (an affluent Kapsokwony Businessman), Salcan College (Kaptama), Kapsokwony SDA Church, Prophet Dr. David Owuor's Christian Ministry, our presenters/interns, executive management, BK stakeholders and the entire BK team.
We also want to sincerely thank t
he mammoth multitude of our esteemed listeners who braced the hot sunny weather as they waited for our BK entourage which drove through and stopped at many market centers in the upper and lower belt of Mount Elgon. It was a wonderful opportunity for our esteemed listeners to meet directly with our superb radio crew whose voices have been steadily descending from the peak of mount Elgon for the last 3 years while accomplishing our mission of Educating, Informing, Inspiring and Uniting the people within Mount Elgon and our neighbors concurrently. On Day one August 27th 2015, the the road show route started at our home-base Kapsokwony then to Kibuk, Sendera, Nomorio, Chemuses, Chemoge, Kaptama, Kamokoywo, Webuye, Mumias, Bungoma, Bokoli, Kimilili and ended back at Kapsokwony. On Day two Friday August 28th 2015, the road show route started Kapsokwony then to Kopsiro-Masaek, Kipsigon, Chesikak, Chemondi, Tuikut, Toroso, Sasur, Cheptais, Chepkube, changara, malakis, Sirisia, mayanja, Chwele, Teremi, Kuywa, Kamtiong, Kimilili and ended at Kapsokwony. 
At the end of the two days road show, all roads led to Kapsokwony town for the Friday's (28th August 2015) BK night bash and our duet DJ’s(DJ Kosta and DJ Rutto) gave their best mix of music to a jubilant audience of approximately 300 people who gathered until wee hours Saturday morning at Kisiero Plaza's Entertainment hall. We also want to thank Kapsokwony's Police OCPD who ensured that the night event was free of any negative incidents. Again thank you all and with God’s willpower we hope to perform much better in similar future events.

                      Mt Elgon BK Radio Road Show Pictures Below:

Shock as a woman is found dead on her bed in Cheptais-Mt. Elgon.

By Abdulkarim Taraja. Published August 26, 2015.

Residents of Cheptais town in Bungoma County in Kenya on Tuesday 25th August woke up in shock after a well-known woman was found lying breathless on her bed. Margaret Tata popularly known as Queen, a casual worker at JamAfrica Bar in Cheptais is said to have left the bar after watching the English Premier Leaque soccer game until midway through the match when she left while cheerful not knowing it was her last chance to ever watch the game again. JamAfrica bar owner Robin Cheptongen told the SNN media that Queen was a good hardworking lady and she had never reported any recent health issue to him. "Yesterday, I found her watching EPL game between Arsenal and Liverpool in my bar and she was very cheerful. She left after sometime and am shocked this morning to receive the news of her death," said Cheptongen. He further said that there was a time back in January when she was taken to Eldoret hospital where the doctor’s diagnosis revealed that she had an enlarged heart but ever since that time she has been doing fine at her workplace.

According to her colleague Silvia Chebet, the deceased was fine in the evening when they met for their daily “chama” group contributions. "It was her turn to get the money and when I met her around in the evening, she said she was still collecting some money and requested me to see her in the morning," narrated Chebet while holding the cash. She looked for her at 10am and queen was nowhere to be seen and that is when I called her phone where the calls went unanswered. "I became worried and decided to go to her house with my colleague still calling and while Outside the room, we could hear the phone ringing and the door was still locked from inside," she recounted while crying. Chebet said they suspected something was wrong and that is when we thought about seeking help. "After seeking help from friends and neighbors, they broke the wooden window went inside and found her lifeless body lying on the bed" she said. The deceased was a mother of one and also had a grandson. Her body was ferried to Bungoma Mortuary for postmortem in order to find out the cause of her death. END

Supremacy battles between MP and County Officials ensues ahead of 2017 Elections.  
By ABDULKARIM TARAJA- Cheptais, Mt. Elgon. Posted 23rd August, 2015.

Local leaders in Mt. Elgon in Bungoma County sharply criticized the Constituency MP for lack of respect to other leaders including the County Government officials hailing from the region. In bitter throw-back and exchange of words at a burial ceremony of a former powerful councilor Jackson Kiberenge held at Tuikut in Cheptais on Friday 21st August 2015. The Supremacy battle between the MP and County officials ensued on whom to address the 
mourners first between the MP's Representative and the Deputy Governor. After a stalemate and confusion, Bungoma Deputy Governor Hillary Chongwony came first to address the mourners and criticized the politicians for turning the event into a political battle ground. “We have a serious issue that is ailing our development yet we always play dirty politics and threats without thinking about our near future. We need to get a formula for eradicating the poverty which is consuming our people,” said Chongwony. He said he is not concerned of 2017 politics and either MCAs from the sub-county but are concentrating on improving the lives of the electorates through the devolved system that is gaining more support in the sub-county. He slammed the MP for bluffing off the county officials and having no respect to other democratically elected leaders. “It’s a backtrack when a leader decides to work alone while criticizing and playing down everything county government is doing,” he added. Bungoma County Deputy Speaker and Cheptais Ward Rep Jane Chebet Kamwanja said they should be given time to deliver on their manifestos and those aspiring for the seats should wait until 2017 for the battle, she also reminded them that history will judge everyone. “It’s the people we lead that will decide whom to send to the service of leadership and in 2017, it is what you have done in your capacity that will judge us,” Chebet said.

Former Mt. Elgon MP Fred Kapondi said leaders should not divide people they lead and issued a warning to his electorates saying that the current MP is known for the threatening his people. “Serut has failed to unite people of Mt. Elgon and the rift between constituents is getting worst and come 2017 we want to send him home,” he said adding that he will be in the race for the seat. He faulted the MP for declining to assent the "Nakuru Peace Agreement" that was organised by NCIC. He told Serut that if he values peace and development then he must sign the agreement.

Former Mt. Elgon County Council Chairman Mr. James Shabatai criticized the current MP on the issue of Bursary allocation and lack of transparency. Mr. Shabatai took note of lack of a website or noticeboards in the sub-county which if implemented will promote transparency of public funds. Shabatai further cautioned the MP for his frequent threats on the youth and county officials which is a threat Mt. Elgon unity and might re-ignite the land conflicts of experienced in 2006-2008. “We have a responsibility to unite our people regardless of our affiliations. The MP has been misled by his lieutenants to the point that he has lost the mission of the mountain,” added Shabatai. County officials present took off when Mrs Serut stood to talk. On her remarks, the MP's representative in the function his wife Pamela Serut laughed off all the accusers of her husband saying they are not honest with her husband adding they all contribute and engage in public abuses. “Serut has professional supporters who always frequent his home and when their demands are not met, they engage in war and try to build a conflict in the MP,” said Pamela. She said her husband in 2017 will be in the race and the issue of parties is not an issue since Kenya is a democratic nation. “As many have said that leaders should be given respect while serving those who elected him, so Serut deserves respect too” she said. End

By Allan Chekwech (Sebei-Uganda) Posted 16th June 2015. 


One of the giants from the Sebei sub-region, Johnson Bartile Toskin, is no more. The former MP, headmaster, RDC and spymaster died in a motor crash on the Iganga-Tirinyi highway on Sunday.

In native Sebei, an adage goes that the size of a tree is best measured when it falls.

It is then that the thud, the effect on those beneath, and its length is fully appreciated. And such is the case for the late, Kongasis County MP, Johnson Bartile Toskin.

When Bartile and family left Malaba where he had stopped over to meet relatives as he travelled from Kitale, Kenya, enroute to Kampala on Sunday, all wished him a safe journey.

Nothing, a relative who was with them in Malaba says, would suggest that the maroon Suzuki Escudo he was travelling in was destined for ill fate. Unfortunately, that was the last they would see of the teacher cum politician, God-loving and patient man alive.


Born and raised in Amanang, Bukwo District on April 15, 1951, Bartile’s crash in Iganga District on Sunday evening is one that has sent a chilling silence laced with pain across Sebei. From the emotive responses on social media and social gatherings, the death is akin to the ire that one gets when hit below the belt.

“His death is one that has hit us really hard. Everyone in Sebei is tongue-tied. It is extremely hard to find someone so understanding, warm-hearted and loving like him,” says Christopher Lakwey, a relative.

He adds: “He would be called to Bukwo in case of a problem and he drives from Kampala immediately. Even after returning to Kampala and there was an emergency in Bukwo the next day, he would arrange and return to his district the next day.”

A symbol of unity

A husband, a father, a businessman, he is widely known in Sebei sub-region as a “man of peace” for his peace and reconciliation efforts.

Nelson Sabila, the man who defeated Bartile in the 2011 polls, is full of praise for the fallen leader.

“He was a very honest leader. Peace loving and humble. Toskin mentored us politically and otherwise. He is responsible for the peace prevailing in Bukwo and Sebei at large. As a family and district, we dearly miss him,” he says.

As if that is not enough, Sabila says Bartile, who was his first head teacher in Amanang Secondary School in the 1980s, was a man who never kept grudges. Sabila hounded him out of Parliament, but Bartile continued guiding him in various spheres and Sabila has paid the treat in almost equal measure; he has - together with leaders from Sebei - been pivotal in the burial arrangements.

Bartile’s leadership stature did not fall out of the blue. It is one whose foundation was well-laid and structures well-knit – his deeds, after all, tell it all. Behind the humble, composed and baritone-voiced man was a history laden with service to the read more click here

UPDATES BY GEORGE TOSKIN, 3PM 10th June 2015--FUNERAL AND BURIAL ARRANGEMENT- "Vigil will continue at his residence in Kirinya, Bweyogerere. On Wednesday 10th June 2015 the Body will lay overnight at his residence in vigil in Kirinya, Bweyogerere. On Thursday 11th June 2015 there will be a requiem mass at Kireka Miracle Center from 9:00 AM and later that same day at 12:00 PM, the body will be transported to Kololo Airstrip to be Airlifted to Bukwo District by UPDF Military Chopper courtesy of our President Museveni. On Friday 13th June 2015 vigil while the body lays at his home in Bukwo District. Burial will be on Saturday 14th June 2015 at his home in Bukwo District. Thank you all for your kindness and support.

Update: 12AM, 9 June 2015 Sebei (Uganda): Former Kongasis Member of Parliament, Bartile Jackson Toskin, is reported dead. Parliament in a tweet said the MP was killed in a road accident that happened in Iganga district. Bartile served on both the 6th & 8th Parliament. According to reports, Bartile’s driver lost control of the car they were travelling in and entered a trailer truck. Bartile’s wife who was with him at the time of the accident was also injured. She was rushed to Mulago hospital for treatment. Bartile was a member of Uganda Clearing Industry and Forwarding Association. Together with the late ambassador Sam Sakajja, Bartile opened Amanang Secondary School in 1982 in Bukwo District....Source click here
9AM, 8 June 2015 Sebei (Uganda): Former MP of Bukwo's Kongasis constituency, Hon. Johnson Bartile Toskin passed away after being involved in a fatal road accident on their way back from attending a burial of mother-in-law in Kitale (Kenya). He was accompanied with his wife and daughter Stella who survived the accident with injuries and are undergoing treatment at Mulago Hospital in Kampala, Uganda. The accident occurred last night at Tirinyi road, Naggalama (Iganga District).

SIDO News Network extends our heartfelt condolences to the family of the bereaved and the entire Sabaot Community for the loss of our esteemed leader. We also pray for the quick recovery of Mrs Toskin and her daughter read more click here

Our Musician Bro Moses Satia Masai Releases New Song.
By SIDO News Network Team. Posted 10 June 2015. [

Mt. Elgon (Kenya)
SIDO News Network would like to congratulate Bro Moses Masai for his immense contribution in boosting the growth of sabaot music. Bro Masai a career teacher at Kibuk Girls Secondary School is best known for his hit song "MUTYO MUTYO". Last week he released a new song titled Kookelong'u nkacheek (English translation: We have also progressed).
To get this new song and any of his previous releases, call Bro Masai at Tel # 0715-854128 or email for more details. Your financial support will also help Bro Masai produce a video version of his songs.
BK 98.2FM Radio will continue to promote our local artists including encouraging our listeners to buy Bro Masai's CD and also music from other Sabaot Musicians.
Thank you all for helping develop our music industry.
Our Gospel Musician Lilian "Cheplish" Naibei Unveils New Music CD. By SIDO News Network Team. Posted 21 May 2015. [NEW]

Mt. Elgon (Kenya)
-SIDO News Network would like to congratulate Lilian Naibei for her hard work which has resulted to the release of her new music CD with 8 melodious songs. Let us promote our own artists by buying Lilian's Music CD and also music CD's of all Sabaot artists. It only costs Kshs. 100 to be blessed with Naibei's amazing music sung in Sabaot language. SIDO News Netowork will also be promoting her music CD at our BK 98.2FM Radio. To acquire the CD, call Lilian at 0723-829980 or email her at
Thank you all for helping develop our music industry.

KOTAP SABINY SACCO LAUNCHED.                                                                                                              Author: Bera Chepsikor; Posted: 4th June 2015. 

Sebei (Uganda): A new dawn of development beckons as KotapSapiny SACCO is launched. This happened during a thanks giving ceremony hosted in honor of the new Sebei Diocese Bishop-Rev. Paul Masaba Kiptoo. The thanksgiving and SACCO launch was organized by ‘Kampala Community’ (Sapiny people living in Entebbe, Kampala and Jinja) at Namboole-East of Kampala. The purpose of KotapSapiny SACCO is to develop Sapiiny people spiritually and economically. The initiative hopes to impact and stir development  in Sebei region. The community elected an interim committee to steer the SACCO. The committee members are:- Peter Kamalingin Peter as Chairperson, Aliwa Edward as Vice Chairperson, Ayoyi Ambrose- Secretary, Runge Ruth- Treasurer, Bonny Barashaki- legal adviser, Chekweko Jackson- member, Rev Canon Moses Bushendich- member, Juliet Cheboyeyin- member and read more click here.

Author: Bera Chepsikor; Posted: 4th June 2015 [
Kapchorwa, Sebei [Uganda]
: Police in Kapchorwa are holding a 57 year old male teacher only identified as Mr. KC Yowana alias Malinga Kinai on charges of murder. This is after he grisly murdered his wife identified as Betty Chelimo. Mr. KC who has been a teacher at Ngangata primary school is suspected to have murdered his wife at night after a brawl over cheating on him with another man. He allegedly clobbered his wife and inserted objects in her private organs killing her instantly. He is alleged to have covered her after the incident leaving her dead and motionless on their marital bed.The shocking incident happened in Kaptokwoi village, Moron Parish, Kaptanya sub-county  in Kapchorwa district. Mr. KC on several occasions has suspected his wife Betty Chebet of having extra marital affairs with other people whom we cannot mention for legal reasons. On the fateful day however, on a Friday evening, Mr. KC allegedly reached home after drinking. The two are said to have allegedly picked a fight that led to the death of Betty.Following morning, on a Saturday 16th may,2015, its alleged that Mr. KC sent one of his children for sugar, prepared tea and served two cups in the sitting room including one cup for his wife. This is when one of the children ‘smelt a rat’ and sneaked into the parents bedroom to check on his mother. Its alleged that as the child was waking up his ‘sleeping mother’ in vein, Mr. KC embarked on looking for his academic documents-the reason for which he was doing it is not known.The child in shock moved around the village informing neighbors of what had happened. The neighbors identified as Kongin, Cheston, and Ayeko went to Mr. KC's residence and questioned him about his wife’s illness but he allegedly turned furious. Mr. KC then who is said to have had a knife immediately took off as neighbors crowded the home. This is when reality dawned that Mr. KC had murdered his wife over the night. Mr. KC is alleged to have sped off, stopped a boda-boda motorcycle that delivered him to Police where he was detained. The Police then went to the scene of crime where they picked the body of Betty and took it to Kapchorwa hospital for postmortem.

Trans-Nzoia(Kenya): Panic has gripped Members of Trans Nzoia county assembly following an ongoing probe by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission(EACC) over the disappearance of Kshs 1.7 million. The Anti-Graft body last week began to grill all the 39 Members of the County Assembly with the exercise expected to continue in relation to money said to have been shared among them during the funeral of the Late Former Matumbei MCA Ronald Matongolo. The MCAs allegedly shared out the money meant to facilitate their travel to Nairobi to make funeral arrangements of their colleague who had died at a hospital there. The grilling exercise involves the recording of statements by each member to explain the details of the Kshs 47,000 that each of them received at that time. Leader of Majority Alfred Weswa and Deputy Speaker David Kapoloman were the first to appear before the EACC team. They reportedly argued that the money in question was their allowance for an inter-county games trip.The fate of the MCAs now lies in the hands of the EACC officials who are still camping in the Assembly pursuing the matter a move that has seen majority of the MCAs develop cold feet fearing that their political ambitions may come to an abrupt end if the Anti-Graft body find them guilty of any misdeeds hence rendering them ineligible to vie for any elective positions.............Source click here.
MID-TERM PERFORMANCE REVIEW: Our Senator Ole Ndiema ranked number 41 out of 47 Senators. By Arap Yego. Posted 25th May 2015. [NEWS]

Mt. Elgon, Kitale (Kenya) - Our Trans-Nzoia county Senator, Henry Ole Ndiema of Ford Kenya Party has denied reports carried in a section of the media last week that ranked him among the senators with the lowest approval ratings. The senator termed as false and misleading the poll report by Infotrak Research and Consulting published in a local daily that ranked him at position 41 out of 47 elected members of the read more click here.

Sabaot Leaders faults Jubilee Government due to Unfulfilled PromisesBy Arap Yego. Posted 21 May 2015. [NEWS]

Mt. Elgon, Bungoma County (Kenya) - Former civic leaders from Mt Elgon Constituency in Bungoma County have faulted Deputy President, William Ruto for sidelining members of the Sabaot community in Jubilee government appointments. Led by Former Mt Elgon County Council Chairman, Bismarck Bokose, the leaders claimed members of their ethnic group have been snubbed in the state appointments despite having overwhelmingly supported the coalition in the last read more click here.

Surprise as woman delivers a 6.3kg baby in Mt. Elgon.                                  Written by Brian Ojamaa. Posted: 21 May 2015. [NEW]

Mt. Elgon, Bungoma (Kenya) -  A middle aged woman on Tuesday gave birth to a 6.3 kilogramme baby boy, in Kapsokwony district hospital, Bungoma county.The nurse in charge of the hospital Rael Khangoko, said the mother had been attending clinics as usual and feeding on normal food. She said the baby's mother Caroline Chemutia from Masindet Village in Kapsokwony had a normal delivery. Her husband, George Ndiwa said he had been feeding her on normal diet and did not expect the baby to be weighty. Ndiwa called on well wishers to support in feeding the infant, adding that he was a "bodaboda" operator with six children to look after.
          This is the second case after a woman gave birth to a seven-kilogramme baby in Samia subcounty in 2014. Nangina Mission Hospital CEO Dr Ben Oriko said the woman delivered the baby via caesarean section. “She was brought in by her relatives but when I noticed her condition, I immediately alerted the health team to prepare to handle the case,” he said.

                                                                                      Source: Click here.

Our Gospel Musician Lilian "Cheplish" Naibei Unveils New Music CD. By SIDO News Network Multi-Media Team. Posted 21 May 2015. [NEW]

Mt. Elgon (Kenya)
-SIDO News Network would like to congratulate Lilian Naibei for her hard work which has resulted to the release of her new music CD with 8 melodious songs. Let us promote our own artists by buying Lilian's Music CD and also music CD's of all Sabaot artists. It only costs Kshs. 100 to be blessed with Naibei's amazing music sung in Sabaot language. SIDO News Netowork will also be promoting her music CD at our BK 98.2FM Radio. To acquire the CD, call Lilian at 0723-829980 or email her at


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