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Esly Kania:
Founder & CEO of SIDO News Network Ltd; BikapKoret(BK) FM Radio; SIDO NGO; ZELKA Ltd; MESI NGO.

Sabaots International Development Organisation(SIDO):
SIDO News Network was founded in October 2010 by Mr Esly Kania who was born and raised in Mt. Elgon-Kenya prior to relocating to his current residence in Minnesota-USA. SIDO was founded with an objective of uniting the Sabaot community locally (Kenya & Uganda) and globally (Diaspora) using modern communication tools in order to find ways of helping the community resolve persistent problems that have caused severe underdevelopment within the community. SIDO News Network website was created in 2011 whose objective is to relay historical and currents news updates about the Sabaot community and the people of Mt. Elgon region living in both Kenyan and Uganda. In 2012, SIDO initiated an online radio station broadcasting 24/7 through our website. SIDO has a significant presence too in social networks; in facebook link SIDO has 16,800 members (Sabaot Global News and Sabaot Peoples Forum facebook links. SIDO also has footprints in Youtube which contains songs from local Sabaot artists like Tony Ndiema, Silas Chai, Kisinger and also interviews of community leaders which has been viewed by over 98,800 people. In February 2012, SIDO acquired FM Radio License in Kenya named BikapKoret(BK) 98.2FM radio station which is currently located in Kapsokwony, Mt. Elgon. BK Radio is now linked with the internet radio thereby reaching a wider global audience. The radio station serves the local community reaching a population of over 1.5 Million people around Mt. Elgon region in Kenya and Uganda.
The main theme of BK FM global Radio radio station is to equip our community with current and historical information by propagating peaceful mutual coexistence of the sabaots with their diverse neighbors in Mt. Elgon region who have in the recent past been bedeviled with numerous persistent fatal conflicts. The next SIDO project of developing a Television station in Mt. Elgon is currently in progress.

In order to have a better understanding of issues afflicting the Sabaots and entire Mt. Elgon communities, read the attached documents by clicking the links below:
>> “All the Men Have Gone”: War Crimes in Mt. Elgon Kenya.

>> Mt. Elgon Violence: May 2008.
>> Mt. Elgon Development Plan.
>> Mt. Elgon Land Tenure and Management.