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Educational News:

VP Hon Ruto donates Kshs. 1Million to Kimobo Sec School and also Officially opens Chemoge Sec School Library.
By Daniel Psirmoi. Posted: 26th July, 2014.

It's all students' smiles as VP Hon Ruto Drives the newly acquired bus by Kimobo Secondary School. Pic by Daniel Psirmoi.

Mt. Elgon-Kapsokwony, Kenya
: VP Hon Ruto on Saturday was at Chemoge Secondary School where he officially opened a library spearheaded by our own Dr Jason Kapkirwok. He was on a development inspection tour of Mt. Elgon Sub-County.

Also on the same Deputy President Ruto officially launched the newly acquired Kimobo's Secondary School bus that was bought by funds from Mt Elgon's Constituency Development Fund (CDF) kitty. He was accompanied by Mt. Elgon MP Hon John Serut.

Ruto also gave Kshs.1 Million for Kimobo Secondary school to build a laboratory and Hon John Serut too promised to give additional Kshs. 1 million from CDF kitty to built the same structure.

Ruto also said that the Kapso-Kopsiro-Namwela-Cheptais-Chepkube road tarmacking project will start in October this year.

He asked Sabaots not to cry so much that they have been marginalized or poor, noting that our land is blessed with abundant natural resources like rich soils which are not fully exploited.

" When you keep crying even the Lord does not bless you. It is said that whatever you confess is what you possess. Stop crying that 'mko nyuma'. Mt Elgon is a blessed land, if anyone asks you who said so 'mwambie ni mimi nilisema'. Take your children to school and work hard in your farms. You people voted for jubilee overwhelmingly and me being in the government with Hon Serut will ensure that 'mambo yenu imeangaliwa," said Ruto

Source: Daniel Psirmoi.

KCPE: Sabaot-Girl number one in Bungoma/Kalenjin counties and 7th nationally.
By Daniel Psirmoi (SIDO News Network-Kenya). Posted January 2013.

Adlide Memoi Kwemboi a 12 year old girl of Nomorio Blessed Academy in Mt. Elgon made the Sabaot community proud as he scored 424 marks enabling her to emerge number one candidate in Bungoma County, number 15 in mixed gender nationally, number seven in the female category nationally and number one in the entire Kalenjin community counties. It is the second consecutive year that a Sabaot girl has emerged top in Bungoma County and the Kalenjin Counties respectively. Last year Lornah Chepkurui from Cheptikit Academy

in Kapsokwony (Mt. Elgon) was number one with 433 marks.

Memoi said she knew she would do well in her examinations because she put in a lot of effort in studies, but was surprised at being the top pupil in Bungoma County and also being among the top nationally.

“I was surprised to hear my name being mentioned on the radio, I knew I would pass but not as much," she told SIDO New Network at her former school amid cheering and jubilations of her teachers and schoolmates.

Memoi who dreams of becoming an engineer and who was also the school head-girl attributed her good results to commitment, discipline, and hard work.  She said her best subjects were Mathematics and English.

She also credited her parents who she said were highly supportive throughout her schooling and consequently praised her teachers for contributing towards her good performance 

Memoi’s father Patrick Kibit, a headteacher at Kamuneru ACK Primary School and her mother JaneMary Kibit were full of praise to their last born daughter.
" She is disciplined girl, very hardworking, we knew she would perform well but never in our wildest of dreams imagined she would emerge top in the whole of Bungoma County," said her father Kibit.
" My last born child has made me proud, of my eight children none has performed like she did. I am a very happy mother," said Janemary.

The private school which began in 2004 is about 5 kms from Kapsokwony The school director Grace Ayieta and the headteacher Alfred Nyarotso paid tribute to Memoi saying she was a disciplined and hardworking girl and urged other pupils to emulate her.

Mt. Elgon Deputy District Education Officer, Alice Sitawa said she was very pleased with the results  and added that the district is on the right track.
" Last year we produced the top candidate in the county, a girl again from Cheptikit Academy, we were ranked the second district in the county after Bungoma South, let those who underrate Mt. Elgon know that we have woken up," Sitawa said.

KCSE Performance in Mt. Elgon Schools

Secondary schools in the entire Mt. Elgon constituency of Bungoma County have registered a great improvement in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education-KCSE examinations after the number of students who qualified for direct university entry exceeded by three times that of 2009 and the previous

The constituency that is now comprised of Mt Elgon and Cheptais districts had 39 students attain the grades that enable them to be enrolled directly to the country's main campuses as compared to the 12 who qualified in the previous year 2009.

According to the District education officers for the two districts Fredrick Osewe of Mt. Elgon and Jacob Wanyama of Cheptais, the mean score for the two districts combined rose from
4.9 in 2009 to 5.1 hence hence reflecting the efforts that are being put in place by stakeholders to transform the area education-wise.

The two districts had a combined total of 7 As, 32 B+s, 41Bs, 64B-s and 103 C+s with Cheptais high school emerging overall leaders with a mean of 6.9 followed by Kapsokwony high school with 6.5, Kibuk girls became 3rd with a mean score of 6.1 as Kipsis from Cheptais and Moi Kaptama from Mt Elgon closed the list of the top five with a mean of 6 and 5.6 respectively.

In specific districts Cheptais District education officer Jacob Wanyama said that the top five schools in the newly created district were Cheptais Boys high school, Kipsis secondary, ACK Chepkube secondary school that had a mean of 5.4, Toroso SA High school with 5.24 and Mulatiwa secondary with 5.22.

On the other side Mt Elgon education boss Fredrick Osewe listed Kapsokwony boys, Kibuk girls, Moi Kaptama, Kimobo secondary that had a mean of 5.4 and Sentera secondary as the top five schools Mt Elgon district.

The education officer however has urged parents in the region to invest more in education and enable the region realize higher results and match other districts in the country.

"What we want is to see all stakeholders including parents teachers and students working hard towards achieving better results and shun propaganda and embracing anti-education cultures that deter the educational standards in the region," said Osewe.

Mt Elgon district at large has never had a student scoring a straight A in the KCSE national examinations since its inception 19 years ago and thus that has been the dream of teachers and students who aspire to break the stalemate and make history by getting the grade that has been a nightmare as compared to schools in the neighboring districts that get tens of As at school level and not at district level.

Most parents in Mt Elgon prefer taking their bright students to other districts outside the district where they pay school fees promptly and take the average and poor children to local schools where they do not invest much and give principals worries and problems in running the schools because of poor payment of school fees.

Principals have been heard in many occasions complain about the local parents non-commitment in supporting local schools improve in all aspects as compared to the support the same parents give schools outside the area.


Efforts by school principals and the education sector to have the parents change the culture and among other cultures that are non friendly to education have not bore much fruits hence much needs to be done to enlighten the residents to embrace essence of investing heavily in the education of their children and supporting of their local schools.

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Educ. Institutions in Kenya:
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Educ. Institutions in Uganda:
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