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 On behalf of SIDO News Network Inc., I would like to wish you all a healthy, happy and prosperous new year-2014. As year 2014 exits the stage, it elicits mixed memories: We celebrated our fatherhood/motherhood when children were born and mourned when we lost loved ones, we danced during marriages and subdued during divorces, we were happy when our businesses blossomed and sad when losses were incurred, joy filled our hearts when we got a job/promotion while those who lost went home broken-hearted. Whatever your situation, it’s now time to re-calibrate ourselves and ensure that 2015 brings forth positive changes that we all aspire either as individuals or through organizations that we serve.

Looking Forward: SIDO intends to continue making strides in establishing itself as a leading organization in the communication/media industry, with a primary focus of serving the Sabaot community based on its four tenets: Educate, Inform, Inspire and unite. I wish to sincerely give thanks to all those who have continued to support SIDO either through financial contributions, lending us tools/equipment, technical expertise, or by volunteering their precious time which has helped us achieve some of our key objectives. SIDO's pace has been slow but we have consistently maintained a positive momentum with steadfast resolve henceforth the light at the end of the tunnel seems brighter in the upcoming new year-2015 and beyond.

God bless you all abundantly and together we will prevail.

Esly Kania – CEO/Founder, SIDO News Network Inc., Minnesota-USA.

   P.O BOX 131-50203, Kapsokwony, Mt. Elgon, Kenya=4541 83rd Circle North, Minneapolis, Minnesota-USA.